11 Tips for Newbie Gardeners

Newbie Gardeners
Newbie Gardeners

This article presents a series of tips for those who dare to re-create their own garden after previous setbacks.

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Start small

Newbie Gardeners
Newbie Gardeners 2

When you start gardening, you want to plant all kinds of fruits and vegetables to feed the whole family, but it is advisable to start small and get acquainted with plants and crops that will get along faster.

If this is your first year in the garden, plant some tomatoes and some peppers or legumes, lettuce and onions. First of all, you need to get used to the needs of each plant. You need to keep an eye on your small plot without watering it too much, fertilize it well, and keep out pests.

Grow what you like

Newbie Gardeners
Newbie Gardeners 3

Do you like fresh tomatoes in salad? Or want to make tomato jam? Then tomatoes should be on your list of things to plant in your garden.

However, there is nothing better than products that come from the garden, because they are 100% organic and that when you taste them, you realize that they taste different: strawberries are sweeter, salads are crisper and fresher.

Water as needed

Water is very important in the garden, but you need to know when to stop, because if you water a lot, it can lead to diseases in plants, and if you water a little, then the plants may simply not grow. It is advisable to do at least one deep watering once a week, if there is no rain, and alternate the remaining days – watering one day, the other not, it also depends on whether you have a vegetable garden or a pot of flowers.

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It is important to water the plants not from the top, but from the base and avoid wetting the leaves, this way you can prevent many fungi from growing. Watering is best in the morning or at sunset.

Make a garden diary

Newbie Gardeners
Newbie Gardeners 4

Don’t rely on your memory, it’s better to sketch the garden and what you have planted. There should also be a list of pests and methods of treatment: which helped and which did not. This way you will know how to proceed.

It is also a good idea to label the plants so that you know what the species is and when it was planted.

Renew the land

Healthy soil makes plants healthy. Every year it is necessary to supply them with fertilizers. There are several foods that are advised to be added to the soil: healthy manure (it is dry, does not smell, and it is recommended for urban gardens), earthworm humus, or compost.

Don’t forget about flowers

Newbie Gardeners
Newbie Gardeners 5

If you want your plants to produce vegetables or fruits, you have to attract pollinators to the garden: bees, some species of wasps, bumblebees, and this requires flowers. It is always a good idea to have daisies in your garden that are stable enough or similar to them.

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Use cushioning material

Weeds are arguably the number one disappointment for budding gardeners, they grow quickly and can hijack plants and steal nutrients from vegetables. Weed removal should be done daily, but if you don’t want to kneel for hours, you can use mulch or cushioning material. There are several options for filling, from straw and cardboard to leaves or bark.

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