Rustic plot design

It may seem that creating a rustic style is quite simple, but this is not entirely true. Rustic garden, also called country style, at first glance, a little neglected and simple. To achieve this effect, you need to think through a lot and work hard. Natural materials, aging effect, familiar plants and flowers will help to create the right impression.

Rustic plot design
Rustic plot design
  • To create a country-style garden, a plot of more than 10 acres is best suited.
  • No right angles or lines.
  • Create an imitation of the natural style with winding paths, annual and biennial wildflowers.

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Rustic site materials

  • Benches, gazebos, fences, fence posts, bridges and other decorative elements should be made of natural materials. Best of all – from wood.
  • We make the paths smooth and use only natural materials for covering: sand, crushed stone, gravel, wood.
  • Beds, flower beds and paths can be fenced off with a homemade wattle fence or a low fence made of branches or poles.
  • Unevenness and roughness of natural material – what you need for a rustic style.

All wooden items must be treated with preparations against rot, fire and insects

  • It is best to cover wood products with a protective varnish. So they will last for many years.
Rustic site materials
Rustic site materials

Plants for a rustic plot

The main task will be to cultivate the territory without fundamentally changing anything, but only to emphasize the natural landscape.

  • We plant fruit bushes and trees interspersed with different flowers.
  • It is best to mulch all plantings with bark or cut and dried grass.
  • Do not plant plants unusual for the area, and especially “exotic”. They will be out of place in such a garden and ruin the overall impression of the garden.
  • Plants are planted quite tightly to each other. This creates the effect of neglect and gives age to the garden.

Annual flowers

For planting in flower beds, focus on annual flowers:

  • marigolds,
  • petunias,
  • lobelia,
  • pelargonium,
  • scented tobacco,
  • dahlias,
  • asters,
  • zinnias,
  • cosmos,
  • mattiola two-horned,
  • nasturtium,
  • morning glory,
  • phloxes of all types,
  • mallow,
  • foxglove,
  • bells,
  • gladioli,
  • ornamental cabbage,
  • sunflowers,
  • coreopsis,
  • snapdragon,
  • poppy,
  • veronica, etc.

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Perennial plants

From perennials to country flower beds, they must add:

  • rudbeckia,
  • iris,
  • lupine,
  • nivyanik,
  • monard,
  • cornflowers,
  • hops,
  • ferns,
  • hosts,
  • tansy,
  • delphinium,
  • foxglove,
  • aconite,
  • chrysanthemum,
  • solidago,
  • weaving and ground cover rose, etc.


In a rustic-style garden, a garden bed with spicy and pharmaceutical herbs is sure to be arranged:

  • dill,
  • parsley,
  • basil,
  • bows,
  • leaf salad,
  • mint,
  • lemon balm,
  • celery,
  • edible and decorative physalis,
  • fennel,
  • edible and decorative corn,
  • pumpkin, both edible and decorative,
  • zucchini and zucchini, etc.

Fruit trees and shrubs

From fruiting trees and shrubs, it is best to select simple, familiar plants for local gardens:

  • apple trees,
  • pear,
  • plum,
  • currants,
  • chokeberry,
  • gooseberries,
  • viburnum,
  • rose hips,
  • mountain ash, etc.

Ornamental shrubs

From ornamental shrubs to a rustic style, they fit well:

  • chubushnik,
  • spirea,
  • lilac,
  • hydrangea,
  • forsythia, etc.
Ornamental shrubs
Ornamental shrubs

Decorative items for a rustic plot


We decorate a country-style plot with handicrafts made from natural materials – from branches, stones, straw, wood, stumps, clay, etc.

  • Be sure to place on the site a birdhouse, a feeder and a drinker for birds.
  • As decorative elements, various cans, pots, jars, cast iron will work perfectly. It will be ideal if you paint or decorate them yourself.
  • The use of bright colors – red, yellow, orange, light green, etc. will be very useful.
  • And creating a “beautiful scarecrow” with your own hands is an important ritual in such a garden!
Decorative items
Decorative items

Second life of things

  • Old wheels from carts, irons and other rubbish that accumulates in attics and garages will be very appropriate here.
  • We do not uproot old stumps, but make a flower bed from the stump: we create a depression in them, fill them with fertile soil and plant bulbous or annuals.
  • If some items look new, we age them artificially.

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  • If the area allows, it is desirable to create a pond on the site.
  • The pond may be small, but always with white nymphs and a wooden bridge or scaffold.


A vegetable garden in a country garden is natural, though small, but it should be.

  • It is best to place it in high beds and decorate it beautifully.
  • By planting marigolds and nasturtium in the garden, between vegetables, you will not only decorate it, but also protect it from many pests.
  • Plus, these annuals can be used as herbs and herbs.


  • Wooden gates, painted or, conversely, worn by time, look very luxurious in a rustic design.
  • If the terrain permits, then instead of a fence arrange a hedge or wattle.
  • Do not forget about the adjacent territory. Near the gate, place some brightly colored flower containers.
  • plant the entire front entrance if possible, not only near the gate, but also along the entire fence. Your home will stand out and delight the eye!

Flower garden

Instead of the usual flower garden and flower bed, a “blooming stream” is appropriate here:

  • when flowers seem to flow out of an overturned clay pot,
  • the length of the stream can be different, both short and rather long, it all depends on your capabilities and areas.
Flower garden
Flower garden

How to create a flower garden in a cart or wheelbarrow with your own hands

If there is an old cart or wheelbarrow, we also turn it into a blooming flower bed of bright annual flowers.

  • We paint our “wealth” in a beautiful, bright color or in a monochromatic, or paint in some kind of drawing. Let it dry.
  • Create drainage at the bottom. If the cart is old and wooden, we make drainage holes at the bottom, with a wheelbarrow, if possible, do the same. We put expanded clay or crushed stone on the bottom.
  • Then we cover half of the fertile soil.
  • Planting seedlings or sowing seeds.
  • After the plants are well rooted and strong, we mulch the ground.
  • Do not forget to water well every day – in containers and containers, the earth always dries up much faster than in the open field.
How to create a flower garden
How to create a flower garden
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