Review of grades garden for a summer residence

The creation of flower beds in a summer cottage is a pleasant and difficult job. After all, you should carefully approach the choice of colors. Perennial flowers blooming all summer is the ideal option and dream of any grower. After all, such flowers easily endure severe winters and do not need to be planted annually.

You can easily decorate the dacha with flowers. After all, there are a large number of flowers that do not require hassle during planting and care. It is necessary to choose and select the right plants that will emphasize the originality and seasonal feature of the site. The dream is realizable, so you can admire the beauty of flowers from spring to autumn.

Flowers are a decoration for a summer cottage and the pride of a florist. After all, the bright colors of flowering plants create comfort and harmony. The flower world is striking in its variety. You need to choose flowers for decorating a summer cottage that will delight you with beauty and harmony throughout the season.

grades garden
grades garden

What kind of perennial flowers to choose?

Some growers prefer annual flowers, as they are unique in their colors. But many people choose perennial flowers.

The advantages of perennial flowers for summer cottages

The advantages of perennial flowers for summer cottages:

  • Do not require transplant for about 2 years.
  • Withstand small frosts.
  • They winter wonderfully.
  • No additional maintenance required.
  • Look great throughout the warm season.
  • Can be used as a basis for creating flower beds.

It is much cheaper to grow perennial flowers, since during transplantation, the plant can be divided into several parts to create new flower beds.

In order for the flower garden to please the entire warm season, you need to take care of this in the fall. Autumn is not a time to be discouraged, you need to work in the garden for flowering plants to please the eye.

Planting perennial flowers

Planting perennial flowers can be of three types:

  • Bulbs.
  • Roots.
  • Seeds.

You can plant whole compositions that will not require transplanting in the coming years.

Planting rules for perennial flowers

  • Decide on a plan for how the flowerbed will look.
  • You need to clearly know what type and growth you plant flowers. Low-growing plants should be in the foreground, tall plants in the background.
  • Remember to place border flowers along paths and paths.
  • Consider the color scheme, flowering time and harmony of each plant.

Perennial flowers that are planted in autumn

Consider perennial flowers for a summer residence with photos and names so that every gardener can choose the flower that will look perfect in the flower bed.

Bloom in spring

Crocuses – there are 4 types, the most popular are Dutch hybrids. All species bloom at different spring times, so plant all varieties.

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grades garden 2

Hyacinths – the plant begins to bloom in April. There are more than 30 varieties that differ not only in color, but also in shape.

grades garden
grades garden 3

Daffodils – there are a large number of plant varieties, of various colors and shapes. The bulb of the plant winters wonderfully, so in the spring it will be able to please with beautiful and elegant flowers.

grades garden
grades garden 4

Tulips. There are a large number of tulip groups that differ in color, shape and variety.

grades garden
grades garden 5

Periwinkle is a short flower, reaches a height of 20 centimeters, flowers are small, blue. Grows well in the shade.

grades garden
grades garden 6

Amur adonis is a stunted plant. It blooms with yellow, red and pink small double flowers.

grades garden
grades garden 7

Perennial flowers for summer cottages that bloom in late spring and all summer

Daylily is a tall flower that has a variety of colors: pink, orange, white, and so on.

grades garden
grades garden 8

Pansies are a delicate perennial flower that fascinates with its original shape and unusual color combination.

grades garden
grades garden 9

Peony is one of the spectacular tall flowers that look great not only in the summer cottage, but also in flower bouquet compositions.

grades garden
grades garden 10

Panicled phlox is a fragrant, bright, tall flower that pleases the eye with its variety.

grades garden
grades garden 11

Lily is a delicate and incredibly cute flower. The buds are striking in their beauty. A capricious plant, susceptible to disease. But if you carefully look after him, the flower will give gorgeous flowers.

grades garden
grades garden 12

Cornflower is an extraordinary delicate plant. There are several species with white, pink, deep purple and purple lavender flowers.

grades garden
grades garden 13


grades garden
grades garden 14


grades garden
grades garden 15

Astilba is a perennial tall plant that blooms all summer and pleases with bright colors. The flowers of the plant are small, they can be pink, white, purple. The plant is resistant to diseases and pests, does not require special care.

grades garden
grades garden 16

Host. The flower has large leaves that can be of various colors. Flowering stems are long, can reach 125 centimeters.

grades garden
grades garden 17

Bell – if you take proper care of the flower, it can bloom until it gets cold. The type and color of bells is varied, so they can be found in almost every flower bed of a summer cottage.

grades garden
grades garden 18

Choose perennial flowers that bloom all summer long for easy maintenance. In order to create a flower bed in a summer cottage that will constantly bloom is not difficult – for this it is enough to plant from 8 to 10 varieties of perennial flowers that bloom at different times. This method will ensure uninterrupted flowering of your favorite and most beautiful flowers. You need to clearly define the assortment and you can start.

Remember, almost every plant blooms for about 3 weeks. During this period, 2 or 3 plants can bloom, while creating a non-repeated blooming picture on the flower garden. There are many perennial varieties of flowers that are resistant to pests and diseases. Thanks to the photo of perennial flowers, you can understand in advance which flower will be in the flowering process. This will help to correctly and harmoniously compose a flower garden or flower bed.

Giving preference to perennial plants, growers determine the appearance of their site for a long time. In order not to be mistaken with the selection of crops, it is useful to look into the catalog describing perennial flowers with photos and names.

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