What garden trowel are not worth buying. Personal experience.

garden trowel
garden trowel

It’s about a trowel – the basis of country life. Probably, there is not a single owner of a summer resident – a gardener – a flower girl who would not use this comprehensive overview of the device. And every housewife has a “small graveyard” of broken, all-round twisted and simply lost trowel. And every trowel lost is money thrown away.

You will say: what a wonderful thing! Bought another spatula. The fact of the matter is that buying a normal trowel that fits in the palm and on the soul is another problem. And to lose the instrument with which he became akin, has become attached to the soul – it is doubly insulting. And it’s not about the price. Here are some considerations to help you choose your comrade.


Price. Still, price matters. A good trowel just can’t be cheap if it’s not made of dull Chinese tin, which looks more like paper. Such a trowel can be beautiful and comfortable on the hand. But bends the wheel when trying to work with it in something other than goose down.

garden trowel
garden trowel 2


Colour. Yes, it is color that plays a decisive role in the loss of a spatula. So I bought myself an expensive luxury stainless steel trowel in the spring. Good to everyone. Nice, comfortable, does not rust, does not bend. It has a pleasant-to-touch wooden handle with a leather strap. Song, not a spatula. But you only knew how many times I lost it in the garden thanks to the inconspicuous wooden handle! I stuck it in the ground and that’s it! The trowel is missing. Now I keep it only for entourage photos.

I’m already silent about the green spatula.

garden trowel
garden trowel 3

There was such a story that a Japanese company started selling super potato peelers. At first, sales grew, then stabilized, and then began to fall. What’s the matter? Marketers have found out that the matter is, if not strange, in quality. These wonderful potato peelers had wonderful bright handles that did not allow the housewives to throw the tools along with the cleaning in the trash. The company has launched the production of potato peelers with inconspicuous handles … And things went smoothly. Apparently, the story is the same with scoops.


The material of manufacture and the shape of the trowel also matter. A thin stamped scoop will bend, no matter how beautifully it is painted … And the flatter the spatula, the more chances it will let you down.

garden trowel
garden trowel 4

The most reliable materials are stainless steel and, oddly enough, aluminum. The cast aluminum trowel is lightweight and durable. My comrade in arms is over ten years old. And I will not trade it for any of the modern and newfangled instruments.


Children. This is generally an uncontrollable factor in the loss of a spatula, especially beautiful ones. Once I found the missing trowel next year, in the spring. When the land was not yet covered with lush vegetation. And the scoop – “ascended”.

garden trowel
garden trowel 5

And this is just a trowel misunderstanding. Well, pray tell, who came up with the idea of ​​making a composite spatula. I had a kit. And I had no idea about the trick lurking in it. But the very first attempt to dig more thoroughly led to the fact that the trowel split into two parts. So he disappeared somewhere. And the loosener remained. For worthlessness. For memory.

From my own experience, I made the following conclusions: a good trowel should be as bright as possible, you can hang a colored lanyard on a wooden handle, or paint it in a bright color (if not a pity). To determine the quality of the metal, try bending the spatula. If it does, you shouldn’t take such a tool. And keep your favorite trowel out of the reach of children! They will still lose.

I hope my advice when choosing a trowel will be helpful to you.

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