Irrigation hose connectors – characteristics, types, how to choose

Irrigation hose connectors
Irrigation hose connectors

The hose connector is designed to facilitate the maintenance of your home garden, garden plants and garden plants. The device allows you to firmly connect the two ends of the hose into a single structure, to create long and reliable irrigation networks near country houses, in the country and in the countryside. In the article, the master plumber will tell you what connectors are and how they differ.

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Irrigation hose connectors
Irrigation hose connectors 2

Hose couplings, called “connectors,” are conventional fittings. The product is presented in a fairly wide range. The main feature of all options is good waterproofing at high pressure inside the hose.

The modern hose connector is designed for every need. The units fit easily with popular hose diameters. In addition, they allow you to quickly connect and disconnect additional devices, such as a spray gun, pumping equipment, plumbing fixtures. All quick-release couplings have an identical nipple outlet that connects the adapter to a tap, sprinkler, or sprinkler.

Irrigation hose connectors
Irrigation hose connectors 3

Alloys of various metals or PVC are used as materials for the manufacture of parts. The product is selected in accordance with the tasks to be performed. It is clear that plastic connectors are cheaper in price, but they are able to withstand pressures up to 10 bar. Products made of metal alloys are stronger, therefore they are able to withstand pressures up to 15 bar. The most durable brass options are considered, which can withstand pressure from 15 bar.

Irrigation hose connectors
Irrigation hose connectors 4

Plastic connectors are well suited for watering the beds, as a spray or as a water pressure amplifier. Brass connectors are of very high quality, they are used to create industrial highways, even in food enterprises. Couplings can be used to connect two hoses of the same or different diameters. A regular plumbing connector can be threaded or not, but both options will be reliable, eliminating any leaks.

The connector can come in handy if you need to mount a sprinkler head. Special points called “aquastop” are provided for such purposes. The water supply can be quickly shut off with a special valve on the connector without shutting off the water supply. In this case, the nozzle without thread is removed from the hose rather quickly: you need to pull the coupling with the nut towards you.

Irrigation hose connectors
Irrigation hose connectors 5

Dressing is also simple: the movable element of the connector is screwed in until it clicks.


Often a connector is a coupling. However, this element includes caps and connecting threads. The cover is screwed into the connecting tube, and the latter is inserted into the rubber tube. Parts are connected with an external or internal thread of a certain diameter. The quick couplings cling to the nipple and pull out easily.

Irrigation hose connectors
Irrigation hose connectors 6

The classic connector includes three parts:

  • A tube holder with an outer housing part that holds the hose. It usually fits snugly inside the connector;
  • Snap-off mechanism, which provides quick removal of the product;

A screw cap that attaches the rubber tube to the connector. It is internally threaded, so it can be screwed onto the holding device.

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If the connector has automatic closure, a stop valve is also installed. This is a conventional piston with rubber bands, which ensures complete tightness.

Irrigation hose connectors
Irrigation hose connectors 7

The valve is open in the connected position, and after disconnecting, it closes the tube, creating pressure in the hose, since the pressure flow from the water supply does not stop.

Standard connectors are manufactured based on common hose sizes. There are also universal products, but due to their high cost, they are rarely used:

  • The 3/4 connector connects the corresponding 3/4 hoses. This diameter is 19 mm;
  • 1-inch connectors accept hoses 25–26 mm in diameter;
  • Connector 1/2 is designed for 12 mm diameter tubes;
  • 1/4, 3/8, 5/8 connectors are considered infrequent, but they are also commercially available and are designed to fit the corresponding hoses.

The quick-connect tube connector is common among gardeners. The quick coupling is used to connect the hose to the car wash equipment. Purchasing the right adapter should be based on factors such as:

  • Hose diameter and nipple size;
  • Tube pressure power;
  • Characteristics of the external environment.


Irrigation hose connectors
Irrigation hose connectors 8

The main quality of all types of quick-release connectors is interchangeability. Plastic adapters for irrigation purposes can be used in a variety of ways.

One of the most popular types of fastening elements in various fields is the bayonet connection. It is versatile and quick to execute. Axial rotation or movement around the axis of one part relative to the other is usually sufficient. The very designation “bayonet” is translated as “bayonet” and is the current designation for attaching a bayonet to small arms.

Irrigation hose connectors
Irrigation hose connectors 9

The bayonet method connects parts in electricity, mainly high-frequency connectors. All fire hoses are attached with a bayonet connection. It is also used to quickly attach the lens to the camera. This mechanical lever has supplanted many of the threaded connections that were previously used, for example, in the railway and automotive sectors. This is a universal quick release coupling.

A plastic or brass fitting is a product with an internal or external thread at one end, and a herringbone at the other end to which the hose is put on.

Irrigation hose connectors
Irrigation hose connectors 10

Types of herringbone fittings are divided into:

  • Welded;
  • No hexagon;
  • Double (herringbone-herringbone).

This connector is designed to attach irrigation hoses, food hoses to equipment or to the entire piping system. The fitting is steel (black or stainless), brass, copper and other metals, such as HDPE, or rubber.

How to choose

Irrigation hose connectors
Irrigation hose connectors 11

If the connector is planned to be used for domestic purposes, a cheap plastic copy is sufficient, but a universal type. If you buy the wrong option, you will have to look for additional adapters, and this is a waste of money.

If the water flow needs to be divided into several hoses, you can immediately select the split connectors with the “aquastop” function. Shut-off valves will shut off water flows to unneeded hoses. In this case, you do not have to block the entire pressure from the main tap.

If the connector is chosen for a watering nozzle, it should be understood that they differ in the shape of the stream. If the pressure is constantly too strong, fragile plants may suffer.

For the gun nozzle, popular with gardeners, with several modes of sprinkling, a universal connector is suitable, and not a reinforcing pressure.

For almost all types of connectors, including quick-detachable ones, there are the concepts of “mom” and “dad”. “Mom” is considered to be the part that “dad” is usually worn on.

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It is customary to subdivide quick-release couplings by pressure:

ISO-A – suitable for common household systems with low pressure ratings;

IRG – universal specimens suitable for various, including technical, systems;

TGW connectors are required for lines with an operating pressure of 300 to 1000 bar. Details withstand impulsive and water shocks;

HPA connections withstand pressures up to 700 bar, manufactured in Russia.

Nuances of use

Irrigation hose connectors
Irrigation hose connectors 12

Hose connections are best done with tools at hand. The rubber tube is connected to the water source with a clamp. An extra valve will increase the weight of the garden structure. The other end of the tube can be connected to a splitter, which will quickly start / block the pressure.

If the hose is an ordinary garden hose, without a thread, it can be retrofitted with a special adapter for the connector, which has a rubber or corrugated fitting. Any hose with a connector can be connected to this splitter and the entire system can be wired for watering the garden.

In addition to garden hoses, the use of connectors is allowed in everyday life, for example, to connect a washing machine. The standard hose of this household appliance is damaged or not long enough.

The situation can be corrected with a high-quality quick-release connection. The tips at the outlets of the washing machine are often plastic. A suitable pipe section along the outer diameter is simply wound inside it. A rubber tip is fixed to it, and the whole structure is fixed with clamps.

With connectors, you can upgrade your ordinary kitchen faucet by attaching a spray gun with a quick-release connector. When choosing sprinklers, it should be borne in mind that the products are equipped with a female connector, which means that the second connection device that will cling to the tap must be of the male type.

One more thing to consider when choosing connectors: products of the same size and purpose, but different manufacturers may not fit each other. Fittings should only be used after reading the instructions. Installation can be done with your own hands, the main thing is that the work is neat and of high quality.

Connectors used outdoors, it is important to promptly clean them of dirt. This will extend the life of the products.

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