Home Depot Garden Hose, Which Is Better To Choose Depending On The Material And Purpose

Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose

A well-thought-out irrigation system on the site is one of the keys to a good harvest, green lawns, lush flowering flower beds.

Not so long ago, most summer residents and gardeners used only rubber hoses. Now the assortment of goods in this segment is so wide that buyers are lost. We will tell and show what materials the irrigation hose is made of, which is better, depending on the material and characteristics. And we will give advice on choosing the best hose and caring for it.

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Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 2

Main types and technical characteristics

A correctly selected hose (hydraulic hose) will provide an optimal irrigation regime. The main technical characteristics of this item depend on:

  • from the material;
  • wall thickness;
  • the number of inner layers of the pipe;
  • availability, quality of the reinforcing cord (braid);
  • the diameter of the irrigation hose;
  • manufacturer’s firm;
  • warranty period.

Rubber hydraulic hose

Affordable, highly demanded type of hose. They are produced in two types: reinforced (with thread braiding) and without cord. They are used for automatic irrigation (the sleeve is spread over the territory of the site, connected to a water supply source), manual. The scope of application is not limited to watering the site, it is used in industries, car washes.

Product advantages:

  • low cost;
  • resistant to temperature changes (from -30 to 90 доС);
  • withstands high pressure (some types up to 54 bar);
  • long service life (up to 20 years);
  • strength;
  • does not deform;
  • resistant to UV radiation;
  • elastic;
  • thick walls prevents the sleeves from creasing, the formation of loops.
Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 3

You need to pay attention to the degree of hardness of the material, elastic, soft rubber is suitable for irrigation. Solid material of products is more often used in industry, stationary laying of communication systems. It is not recommended to keep the hose in the sun for a long time, as cracks may appear, especially in the hard rubber sleeve.

Disadvantages of a rubber sleeve:

  • the hoses are heavy enough;
  • rubber is not recommended to be used for pumping drinking water, food products due to toxicity;
  • The hydrosleeve can injure plants. Hoses are produced from 20 to 200 m, wall thickness from 4 to 6 mm. Standard diameter: 1/2 ” (1.27 cm), 3/4 (1.905 cm), 1 (2.54 cm).
Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 4

Polyvinyl chloride hydraulic hose

Products made from this material have pushed rubber hoses on the market – they are lighter and comparable in cost. Polyvinylchloride (PVC) belongs to the group of synthetic materials, thermoplastics. On sale for watering the garden, the site is mainly used green hoses.

PVC products are ordinary, single-layer, transparent. They are less suitable for watering, thin, wrinkle. Used for transfusion, water supply over short distances, household needs. In the sun, algae grows in the transparent sleeve.

For irrigation systems, two-layer, three-layer, four-layer hoses with synthetic thread reinforcement are used. Products with a reflective coating layer protect the material from UV radiation.

Advantages of PVC products:

  • withstands pressure up to 20 bar, due to reinforced weaving, temperature from -25 to + 60⁰С;
  • long service life, depending on the type from 10 to 35 years (except for single-layer);
  • polyvinyl chloride can be food and technical;
  • a wide range of;
  • smooth inner walls provide low resistance inside the hose, as a result, good head;
  • not heavy;
  • a large selection of accessories for PVC hoses; easy maintenance, easy to fold, stretch.
Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 5

Depending on the type of reinforcement, the number of layers, the sleeve holds different pressure. When pondering the question, which watering hose is better, pay attention to the marking of the hose. It indicates the maximum allowable pressure. The four-layer reinforced sleeve holds pressure up to 40 bar.

Gilmour Flexogen 5/8 in. Garden Hose 50FT.

  • 8-ply construction – 500 PSI burst strength
  • Double tire cord reinforced for strength
  • Lightweight, coils and handles easily
  • Flow guard plus protective collar on 5/8 and 1/2 in hoses resists kinks at faucet
  • Heavy-duty, cruch resistant, Full -Flo machined metal couplings

Disadvantages of PVC products:

  • poor performance of single-layer hose;
  • at subzero temperatures it loses its elastic properties;
  • without a protective coating from ultraviolet radiation fade over time.
  • Standard coil length: 25; 50 m.Diameter: 1/2 inch (1.27 cm); 3/4 ” (1.95 cm); 1 inch (2.54 cm). The elasticity of the material decreases at a temperature of -5 ° C.
Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 6

Thermoplastic hydraulic hose

Polymer hoses (TPE) with high plastic properties, for which the material is called “thermoplastic rubber”. Differs in high technical characteristics. They can be used all year round. Products are included in the top rating of irrigation hoses.

The advantages of TEP include:

  • withstands pressure up to 8 bar, temperature conditions from – 50⁰С to + 90⁰С;
  • operational period – over 15 years;
  • high ductility of the sleeve;
  • does not bend, does not form creases;
  • thanks to the rough surface does not slip in the hands;
  • easy;
  • increased resistance to chemicals, UV radiation;
  • easy to maintain, twist, carry;
  • able to withstand pressure overload, without loss of technical characteristics, shape.

Among the shortcomings, they note the high price, in comparison with rubber, PVC hoses. Advice! If you need to buy a durable hydraulic hose, and you are wondering which irrigation hose is better to choose, choose a thermoplastic elastoplastic hose. The overpriced is compensated by reliability, long service life.

Silicone hydro hose

Silicone – high molecular weight compounds containing silicon and organic matter. According to the characteristics of plasticity, the ability to stretch superior to rubber. Regular, non-reinforced hoses are suitable for irrigation with low water pressure (up to 2 bar). Reinforced silicone hoses can withstand pressures up to 10 bar, the advantages and disadvantages of which, together with single-layer sleeves, are given below.


  • lungs;
  • elastic;
  • inexpensive;
  • easy to fold, carry;
  • reinforced hoses hold pressure up to 10 bar;
  • depending on the type, they are operated in a temperature regime from – 15⁰C (reinforced), – 5⁰C (not reinforced) to + 50⁰C;
  • no creases are formed with repeated bending.
  • The disadvantages of hoses include the fact that single-layer, unreinforced products are heated in the sun, become excessively plastic, deformed, and small cracks appear.
  • The service life of a silicone hose is 10 years.
Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 7

Corrugated plastic hose for irrigation

The result of mixing polyethylene of high and low pressure, with forming of the “ribbed” type, get plastic corrugated pipes. They produce single-layer, multi-layer, reinforced corrugated hoses. The ribbed surface gives strength and flexibility to the product. Various types of sleeves are used for industrial purposes. It is also used for watering, but with some restrictions. Plastic hoses are convenient for laying temporary pipelines around the site; it is more difficult to water by hand.

Among the advantages of a corrugated hose:

  • keeps pressure (up to 7 bar);
  • the hose is UV resistant;
  • withstands temperature extremes;
  • lightweight, compact;
  • low cost.
Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 8

The main disadvantage is that with frequent bending, squeezing, microcracks are formed, therefore it is preferable to use it in a stationary position. If watered by hand with a corrugated hose, the service life is limited to 2-3 years.

Fabric nylon products

Nylon filament is used as a braid for plastic, rubber hose. Produce a nylon hose, like a fireman, for watering. It is lightweight, compact and easy to use. Holds pressure from 3 to 5 bar. Not recommended for use at subzero temperatures. At an affordable price, a nylon hose has a short service life (1-2 years). Can’t be categorized as “best hose for watering”.

Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 9

Extension hoses

They consist of two layers: inner – stretchable rubber (rubber, polyurethane – a group of synthetic elastomers), outer – gathered nylon (fixes the degree of elongation). Most of the manufacturers produce products with a reinforced rubber layer.

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If there is an outlet with constant water pressure on the personal plot, the question arises of how to choose a watering hose, pay attention to the stretchable hydraulic hose.

Product advantages:

  • easy;
  • compact;
  • folds up quickly;
  • when folded takes up little space;
  • does not get confused;
  • easy to maintain;
  • easily connects to a water source;
  • complete with fittings, adapters for different pipe diameters;
  • versatility: used for watering, household needs (washing a car, cleaning the territory);
  • affordable.

The irrigation hose stretches under the pressure of water. The standard size of the coils varies from 15 to 60 m. The nylon layer resists contamination, protects the rubber from damage. Optimal use in small areas with stable water supply. On large areas, due to internal resistance, irregularities on the soil surface, the outlet pressure drops. If the pressure is insufficient, the efficiency of irrigation decreases, it is more profitable to use PVC, rubber hoses. On average, the hydraulic hose is designed for pressures up to 5 bar.

The main disadvantage is that it is impossible to restore a separate segment in case of a burst, mechanical damage. There are especially many complaints about the stretch sleeves of Chinese manufacturers.

Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 10

Spiral hoses

It is appropriate to use for watering a small local area, flower beds, flower beds. The standard section is ½ “(1.27 cm). Plastic sleeve made of polyurethane, ethyl vinyl acetate, twisted into an expanding spiral.


  • easy;
  • compact;
  • does not get confused;
  • does not break;
  • does not stretch along the ground;
  • does not injure plants;
  • withstands pressure up to 5 bar; temperature regime from -5 to + 50⁰С.

The main disadvantage is that the small cross-section of the hose does not allow the use of the watering hose over large areas. Stretchable, spiral type hydraulic hoses can be included in the rating of irrigation hoses for summer cottages with a small area, a 5 meter spiral can stretch 5 times.

Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 11

Irrigation hoses for various purposes

Hydraulic hoses can be divided into two types according to the type of purpose: for regular and economical irrigation.

The first includes standard hoses, with a sprinkler system, from various materials, for manual, automatic irrigation. Sprinklers are used to evenly irrigate specific areas for plants with shallow root systems, such as watering a grass lawn.

Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 12

Tapes, sleeves for economical irrigation are cost-effective in arid, low-humidity climates. In places with limited water reserves, low water pressure. Thanks to this method of irrigation, they save on payment for water, when the source is the central water supply, a meter is installed.

Economy hoses include hoses:

  • “Blind” or closed type;
Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 13
  • oozing;
Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 14
  • porous;
Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 15

Closed blind pipe is used to connect external drippers used for irrigation.

Porous belts have holes along the perimeter of the entire diameter of the sleeve, the soil is moistened evenly.

Drip systems

Different types of drip irrigation allow automatic delivery of water to plants, provide regular watering. This increases productivity, significantly reduces labor costs. The choice of an irrigation drip system depends on the type of crops grown, the characteristics of the water supply source.

In conditions when water is supplied under low pressure, there are ground drops, a disproportionate distribution along the belt occurs. It is better to use a compression water supply system. When the pressure is sufficient, the straight section of the compresses is not necessary.

Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 16

Important! Note that emitters (water permeable drip holes) are small in diameter. If the water is not clean enough, contains suspended particles, the holes are clogged. Therefore, inlet water filters are installed in the drip irrigation system.

The instructions tell you which crops the emitter pitch is suitable for.

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Before deciding which irrigation hose to choose for drip irrigation, focus on the following parameters:

Belt diameter. The standard for home gardens is 16 mm. A 22mm hydro hose is used to irrigate large areas.

Wall thickness (unit mil), the higher the value, the stronger the hose. There are three main types: single season (5-6 mil). For reusable, reusable use, tubing up to 8 mil thick is suitable. In conditions of increased risk from mechanical damage (stones, animals), tubes with wall thickness up to 15 mil are used.

The amount of consumed water (liter / hour). For a personal plot, from 1 to 1.6 liters / hour is enough.

The required pressure varies from 0.2 to 2 atm.

Resistance of the irrigation hose to UV, salts, microelements.

Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 17

Distinguish hoses by type of emitters:

Slotted. Water flows slowly along spiral grooves, spreading evenly over the soil and moistening it over the entire surface.

With built-in emitters. Used for root moisturizing.

The best hoses for watering in the country with an economical water consumption are thick-walled tape tubes with emitters droppers. They serve for a long time. Choose a hydraulic hose that matches the type of soil, crop.

Hose Selection Tips

In specialized chains, departments of hypermarkets “garden and vegetable garden” sell hoses for irrigation by meter, in cut coils. They are supplied with accessories or purchased separately.

Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 18

Selection by parameters

Before choosing a hose for irrigation in the country or in a personal plot, you need to know the water pressure, the diameter of the tap outlet, how long will be enough for the entire area of ​​the irrigated area.

Also, before choosing the length of the hydraulic hose, it is recommended to use a scaled site plan. Draw paths on it, the location of flower beds, beds. Draw the route of the irrigation system. It is possible to divide the irrigation system into separate segments.

In a straight line, along the perimeter of the paths, lay the main irrigation hoses. To them, using connectors (adapters), connect segments for irrigating remote areas, flower beds, beds. If the pressure permits, the main sleeves are taken with a larger diameter, for example 3/4, branch ones —1/2 inches. Such an irrigation system is advisable from the point of view of the correct distribution of water pressure. It falls at the ends of the track, decreases due to the installation of connectors.

Then measure the length of the tracks from the water source, in a straight line, diagonally. Buy a hydraulic hose with a margin.

Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 19

Before choosing a hose for irrigation, they will find out how much pressure is needed in the system. They are also selected based on the length of the route for irrigation. The longer the hose, the larger the diameter should be with sufficient head.

For small pieces, sleeves with a smaller diameter are chosen. Normal pressure in the irrigation system is from 5 bar, average 2-3 bar. It is necessary to take into account the resistance when the water passes through the hoses. In proportion to the length, the pressure drops, the head becomes smaller. The problem of low pressure is solved by installing a pump.

Before deciding which irrigation hose diameter is best ½ or ¾ for your area, you need to know the technical parameters of the irrigation system.

Tips for choosing a hose when buying

Before choosing a hose for irrigation in the country, in a personal plot, you need to pay attention to its quality characteristics:

Appearance. If the product is packed in a cardboard box, ask the seller to unpack it. The color of the hose must be the same throughout its length. Branded hoses are marked along the entire length at equal lengths. Check for mechanical damage.

Read the instructions, read the technical characteristics of the irrigation hoses. The higher the parameters for temperature and pressure, the better.

Try to buy hydraulic hoses from trusted brands. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty obligations.

The choice of a hose for irrigation to the country depends on the properties of the protective layer. The best samples have anti-vandal coating and UV protection. Remember that the sheer sleeve has a high risk of algae growth.

Rubber, polymer hoses may smell, but not pronounced. Strong “aroma”, should alert. Usually these are products of Chinese manufacturers.

Ask what accessories are available for this type of hydraulic hoses.

Home Depot Garden Hose
Home Depot Garden Hose 20

Chat with a consultant manager. He will help you choose a hose according to technical parameters. If you do not know, for example, a 3/4 inch hose, this is how many cm, the seller will convert the metric data into the required format.

Garden hose fittings

Before purchasing a hose for irrigation, they are determined with the irrigation system: manual, automatic, drip. Elements are installed permanently or transferred. The selection of accessories depends on the solution of these issues.

The main types of fittings:

  • connectors,
  • fitting,
  • adapters,
  • taps with adapters for several sleeves.

All of them are designed to connect the elements of the irrigation system.

Details of fittings regulate the type of water jet, pressure, irrigation area. These include: sprayers, nozzles, tips, sprinklers.

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Select hoses, fittings, maintenance equipment depending on the type of irrigation system.

Home Depot Garden Hose
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