Garden watering can: types, characteristics, differences. How to choose the right one

A watering can is an indispensable attribute for a garden, a summer residence, a vegetable garden. Her choice must be approached with all responsibility. Despite the emergence of automatic irrigation systems, the usual inventory stubbornly does not want to give up its positions. They are indispensable for fertilizing, and not everyone in the garden has uninterrupted access to water.

Garden watering can
Garden watering can

What watering cans are and from what materials


There are indoor and garden options. Indoor rooms are designed for watering flowers. With their help, it is convenient to water seedlings in various pots. As a rule, their volume is small: from 1 to 2.5 liters. There is a long nose. This is made specifically for watering in hard-to-reach areas of an apartment or house. Most indoor options are made of plastic. Sometimes there are products made of ceramics and metal. As a rule, these are designer items that also have a decorative function in the interior.

Fasmov Plastic Watering Can, 0.92 Gallon- Beige

  • Size: Length 16.9 in (x) Width 5.5 in (x) Height 9.8 in
  • Made of Eco-friendly PE material with comfortable handle
  • Holds a generous 0.92 gallons of water
  • The Spout can be removed, easy to clean
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor watering
Garden watering can Room
Garden watering can Room


Garden watering cans are irreplaceable helpers on the plots. With their help, small beds and flower beds are watered; moisten the soil around tree and bushes seedlings when it is necessary to evenly distribute moisture.

The design of the summer cottage is characterized by a wide neck. This is done to prevent splashing water. There are models where the upper part is made in the shape of a funnel.

Plastic and metal remain popular for summer cottages. The latter are usually made of galvanized steel.

Metal watering cans


  • relative durability
  • high strength
  • property of zinc and copper watering cans to purify and disinfect water
  • the possibility of repair in the event of a leak.
Metal watering cans
Metal watering cans


  • heavy weight (a 10 liter watering can will weigh about 1 kg)
  • high price
  • susceptibility to corrosion
  • requires maintenance to prevent rust

When buying a galvanized garden watering can, pay attention to the quality of the welds – this is their most vulnerable point.

Missry Associates Misco Plastic Watering Can, 2-Gallon, Lime Green

  • MAKE GARDENING EASY: The Aqua Plumb Watering Can features two separate handles, allowing you to pour either from the top or the side. They are ergonomically designed, so no matter how many flowers you have you can keep on watering them.
  • GET THE PERFECT POUR: Depending on your plants, you need different amounts of water. Whether you’re trying to get a stream or a spray, this watering can has you covered. The removable spout allows you to customize water flow and change within moments for seamless gardening.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made from polypropylene, this watering can is perfect for long term use, season after season. It even features a UV protected finish to preserve its color, so it looks like you bought a new watering can when growing your annuals each year.

Plastic watering cans

They also have several advantages:

  • a wide variety of shapes and colors
  • light weight
  • due to the use of modern materials, they have high wear resistance and resistance to external factors (temperature, humidity)
  • do not react with chemicals
  • low cost
Plastic watering cans
Plastic watering cans

When choosing plastic inventory, look at it in the light: cloudy plastic with stains will not last long. Choose products made from high density polyethylene as they are more durable.

Which watering can to choose for watering, feeding, spraying?

Houseplants are well watered with a small watering can with a long nose. When watering the seedlings, it is best to use a strainer to avoid breaking the plant with a strong jet of water.

For feeding, it is ideal to use an open-spout jug / watering can hybrid. It is easy to add water and feeding agents to such a vessel in the right amount. It’s good if such a jug has graduated marks, it’s easier to follow the recipe.

Spraying is carried out with spray watering cans. These finely spray water and various compounds on the desired parts of the plant: leaves, root part.

Which watering choose
Which watering choose

Single and double handles

There are models with one and two handles. If you use a container with a large volume, it is better to have two handles, because it is easier to lift heavy things with both hands. One handle is good for inventory up to 3 liters. This is convenient for watering small flower beds or shrubs.

Homarden Half Gallon Copper Colored Metal Indoor Outdoor Plant Watering Can for House Plants with Removable Spout, 80oz

  • Beautiful modern water can design perfect for watering plants at your home or office
  • 2.4 liter / 80 oz size perfect for adults or a kids small watering can
  • Rain water spout is removable to easily water small houseplants or succulents with a straight spout
  • Constructed of Galvanized Zinc painted in a unique brushed copper / gold color
Single and double handles
Single and double handles
Single and double handles
Single and double handles 2


There is a large selection of containers of various sizes on the market. When choosing, remember that too small will force you to often run to the barrel for a new portion of water. A large sample will be too heavy for women and the elderly. In addition, it is rather inconvenient to water in greenhouses with a large one. And it will be problematic to draw water from the barrel.

Experts believe that the optimal volume for women is 5-6 liters, for men – 10-12 liters. Experienced gardeners usually have several different specimens. They also have different attachments in their arsenal.

What attachments are there? For what work, plants are they best used?

When watering trees and shrubs, a strong stream is permissible and the nozzle is not needed. For young plantings, the jet should be small, so you need a special diffuser for a garden watering can. A shower head with holes from 0.8 to 1.5 mm in diameter is ideal.

Larger diameter attachments are suitable for firmly rooted seedlings and almost all vegetable crops.

Gardman 8327 Hunter Green Galvanized Steel Watering Can with Copper Accents, 1-Gallon

  • Robust design with striking “copper colored” accents
  • Outdoor pathways, illuminating beds,borders, ponds and garden features
  • Removable rosette-diffuser creates a gentle shower of water
  • One-gallon capacity
  • 12” Long x 7.25” Wide x 17” High
  • The spout is attached with a small zip tie to the watering can

It is best to have several replaceable garden watering nozzles. It is also important to fix them carefully. If the nozzle has a removable strainer, this is a big plus, as it is easier to clean.

watering trees and shrubs
Watering trees and shrubs
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