Garden Stapler Review: Is It Worth It?

Tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes and other plants with thin spreading stems need constant garter. To simplify and speed up this task, they came up with a special tool – a garden stapler.

What are garden staplers and how they work

Garden Stapler
Garden Stapler

In 2012, a new automatic tool for tying plants became available to gardeners – a tapner (tapener or stapler). Its body is made of stainless steel and small plastic parts.

Tool Parts New Garden Tools Plant Tying Tapetool Tapener Machine Branch Hand Tying Binding Vegetable Grass Tapetool Tapener Gardening Tools

  • Is customized: No
  • Type: Garden Tool Parts
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In addition to the taper itself, the kit contains consumables: staples and tape. Separately, staples are sold in a pack of 10 thousand pieces, the tape is sold in cassettes of 30-40 meters. This volume is sufficient for 600-700 garters.

Each attachment takes less than one second.

How the garden stapler works:

First, you need to press the lever until the first click and bring the tool into working condition.

The device must be brought to the vine so that the tape in the tapener wraps around the branch.

After fully pressing the handle, the two ends of the tape are connected with a bracket, and the built-in blade cuts off the excess.

Tapener brands

The garter stapler was invented in Japan. Similar models are already being produced in Korea, China and Europe. The principle of operation is the same for all models. The only difference is in the quality of the metal from which the stapler is made, the amount of consumable material in one cassette and the girth of the plant being tied.

The most famous brand that produces tapeners is Tapener. This is a Japanese firm, although the instrument itself is assembled in Indonesia. Tapener Max NT-B is recognized as the best in the line of brand staplers. And although the device will work for several years without breakdowns.

Garden Stapler
Garden Stapler 2

Reviews of summer residents about staplers

Garden Stapler
Garden Stapler 3

The gardeners were divided. Proponents of one point of view argue that the speed and ease of use of the tool is worth the price that is asked for it. For example, it takes several hours to manually tie a hundred vines. With a tapener, this work will take no more than 30 minutes.

ZHONGJIUYUAN Garden Tool Set Plant Tying Tapetool Tapener Machine Branch Hand Tying Machine Tapetool Tapener Packing Vegetable Stem Strapping W/ 10 Rolls (Random Color)

  • Very easy to use, provided quick action: wrap & tie in few seconds, save you a lot of time, labor & energy. In addition, it will look very professional & neat look on your plant/yard. It will work on all kind of plants, especially on soft stem vegatable, fruit tree & more.
  • INSTRUCTION: First light squeeze, the “sharp hook” will pull the tape out from the tape holding guard, then the tape is in ready to wrap position.Then lightly push the tape against plant stem & supoort stick, then wrap around them, squeeze the handle all the way down, and ready for next one.
  • Package included: 10 tapes 1 tapetool ,1 box of staples . (the color will ber sent by random)

In another camp, they complain about the high cost of consumables and the unnaturalness of the tape. Unlike plastic tape, the twine is left to rot right in the beds. And each person has a different attitude to his time. Some gardeners are happy to spend time both manually tying plants and preparing ribbons from old sheets.

Whether it is worth buying a stapler for a garter, everyone decides for himself. One thing cannot be denied – this tool greatly simplifies gardening.

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