7 solutions for compact storage of garden tools

The problem of storing things arises not only when it comes to cramped urban housing, but also in the case of a summer cottage. Working with the land requires a lot of very different equipment. Despite the complexity of the problem, there are several ways to eliminate it: there are at least 7 solutions for compact storage of garden tools that will help to put things in order in the country house and on the site

garden tools 7 solutions
garden tools 7 solutions

Wall boards

Wall boards or panels are a solution to the problem of disorder, which summer residents and gardeners borrowed from carpenters, locksmiths and mechanics, i.e. people who spend most of their time in a workshop or garage.

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A wall shield is a simple design that you can purchase in a store or do it yourself. The shield consists of a frame on which a plywood sheet is attached. The frame can be wooden, but it is better to use aluminum, because it will increase the strength of the structure and its bearing capacity.

The shield can have different configurations, its main elements:

  • lower compartments with partitions for small items – gloves, garters (ropes, twine), nails, etc .;
  • locks and hooks for storing various small and medium-sized implements (garden shears, loppers, hacksaws, etc.);
  • brackets for large and heavy objects such as drills and chainsaws.

The advantage of the system is that everything you need is always at hand. At the same time, the lack of any object is striking, especially if you circle all the tools with a bright marker.

Garden toilet

If you don’t feel like wasting time installing a wall panel, there is an easier and faster way to solve the problem. Various garden markets sell not only seedlings, seeds or seedlings, but also four-walled pine plank structures intended for use as a toilet.

This design has an optimal shape for storing garden tools with long cuttings (shovels, rakes, hoes). To save space, it is recommended to mount them on walls. To do this, you need clamps or slingshot mounts. The rest of the space in the center of the room is suitable for storing buckets, watering cans and other containers.

Garden toilet
Garden toilet

Storage cabinets

You can also purchase shallow cabinets that won’t take up much space. These can be sliding-door wardrobes or wardrobes with hinged doors. There are many modifications and modular systems that can be adapted to specific inventory and space characteristics.

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Small items baskets

The baskets will help organize the storage of small items. That being said, baskets, cardboard and plastic boxes can become a source of clutter if too many accumulate. To optimize the use of space, the baskets are stacked on top of each other. This can be done if they have lids, but in this case they will be inconvenient to use: to open the lower basket, you will have to remove all the upper ones. The best storage method in this case is racks or shelves. With this approach, the baskets are arranged in a row and each has free access. This storage method is similar to a catalog system or a multi-drawer archive, and is suitable for storing seed bags, garden bulbs, etc. For ease of use, each basket can be signed.

Small items baskets
Small items baskets

Metal shields

Such boards are called pegboards (from the English pegboard, which means “board with hooks”). The standard pegboard is a finely perforated aluminum board. These can be found in various workshops, factories and factories. The advantage of the system is that it is a constructor that can be modified for specific needs.

Lawn mower garage

A wooden box can be used as a room for a lawn mower or walk-behind tractor (cultivator). You can buy it at a garden center or building supplies store. To prevent the roof of the booth from leaking, it can be covered with roofing felt.

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Sealed containers

For storing various chemicals, plastic containers with tight lids are suitable. In this case, you can be sure that harmful substances will not spill out, as is the case with the package.

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