Winter is just around the corner, it’s time to attract owls to the garden. What use they bring us and how to please them

garden owls
garden owls

Enlisting the neighborhood of nocturnal predators, whose diet includes many small rodents and insects, you are acting wisely, because they will not hunt for seeds and fruits from your beds, and you will keep your garden blooming without the use of chemicals. You just need to know and understand two basic things: how to attract them and why you should do it. Although there are about 216 species of owls around the globe, their nocturnal lifestyle and mostly predatory diet unites all species.

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garden owls
garden owls 2

A small investment is required of you, some knowledge of the physiology of nocturnal predators, such as a fear of daylight and a love of bathing. Following our advice, you will acquire the help of these birds.

garden owls
garden owls 3

Set birdhouse

Owls do not build nests on their own. They prefer to use rotten hollows in the trunk of trees as a nest. They are also satisfied with empty nests of squirrels or hawks. But there are also some owls that nest in ordinary boxes. An ordinary birdhouse will suit you for this purpose, which must be fixed on the tree trunk much higher than you are used to seeing. You need to widen the entrance hole a little, and the house for the owl is ready.

garden owls
garden owls 4

Then place wood shavings or sawdust on the bottom of the nesting box, which will provide a soft cushion and prevent the eggs from rotating. So, in the wild, owls rely on bedding, which is in the nests of squirrels or hawks. These are lichens, branches of conifers or leaves that line the bottom in tree hollows. Set up a birdhouse in early winter. If the trees in your garden are not tall, then it is better to use a long wooden pole, on the top of which a birdhouse is mounted. Owls prefer to settle high, away from human noise and other potential predators.

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garden owls
garden owls 5

Turn off outdoor night lights

Owls are nocturnal hunters. The only exception is the northern pygmy owl, which is active during the day and sleeps at night. But the vast majority of owls hunt under cover of night. Leaving the night lights on can disorient the birds. In order to enlist the support of these nocturnal predators, you must turn off the lights at dusk. If you are concerned that your dark courtyard will become a lure for night bums, then you can install a weather-resistant PIR motion detector on the outside of your home. These systems distinguish between the movement of humans and small animals and do not respond to the presence of small birds such as owls.

garden owls
garden owls 6

Bath for owls

Owls love to swim. Therefore, to attract them to your garden, you should consider installing an artificial bath for them. The benefits of bathing for a night hunter are obvious: an owl, after a rapid flight after its prey, cools its heated body with great pleasure. Owls drink a little. The pool should be shallow and with sloping edges for birds to enter. Bird baths should ideally be made of durable material such as metal. Place the birdbath in a secluded area so that people do not disturb the birds while taking water.

garden owls
garden owls 7

Forget the lawn mower

Some species of owls hunt in meadows, swamps, forests, or agricultural fields. A homeowner who wants to house an owl must mimic natural features by relaxing regular lawn maintenance. Thus, it creates a more attractive hunting area. This may seem counterintuitive and will ultimately attract nocturnal predators. Don’t mow for a week or so – also let shrubs, low-hanging tree branches and weeds grow a little longer before pruning. This allows dead leaves, twigs, and flowers to accumulate, so do not rake them often. Let nature take matters into its own hands. Then it will attract the animals.

Forget the lawn mower
Forget the lawn mower

Homeowners with small pets like guinea pigs or farm animals like chickens should think twice before attracting owls to their property.

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Homeowners with small pets
Homeowners with small pets

Whether the owls see them as their prey or are simply annoyed by their presence, birds of prey can attack, injure or kill them. Even if you only have large pets and are going to attract owls, try to keep your livestock indoors after dark so they do not threaten hunting owls or scare away their prey.

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