Amazing gardens

Each garden created by man is an amazing and unique world that boggles the imagination. In addition to unique plants, landscape solutions, various installations of stones and sculptures are presented in the best parks of the planet, as well as the most daring ideas of their genius creators.

Heligan, UK

This unusual corner of the jungle is located in Cornwall, near Mevagissi. Here is a plantation of fruit-bearing pineapples, which has no analogues on the European continent. Also in this unique place are rare varieties of rhododendrons, ferns, camellias and centuries-old trees. In addition, there are 2 mud sculptures on the territory, several dozen statues in various parts of the park. Huge installations in the form of, for example, a girl made of stones and moss lying on a cozy meadow, create a unique flavor of this place.

Many artificially created lakes that appeared here even before the beginning of the 20th century, when the park was designed by the Tremaine family, are organically inscribed into the landscape. The First World War had a devastating effect on Heligan, and he remained unattended until the end of the twentieth century. It was then that the heir of the Tremaine family received this park and saw the remains of its former splendor among the thickets, deciding to return Heligan’s popularity among visitors and tourists.

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Saihoji, Japan

Back in the 1st half of the 14th century, a Japanese monk began a painstaking re-equipment of the traditional park. For 5 years, he made every effort to build the perfect Zen garden. The pride of this place is more than 50 types of moss that covers trees and age-old boulders. The artist strove to create a stimulus that generates the development of imagination and intuition.

Alnwick, England

This amazing garden is one of the most unsafe vacation spots in the world. The entrance to the park is decorated with skulls and bones, which even before the entrance creates an appropriate mood for visitors. More than a hundred plants grow on the territory, which are mortal danger to people. And some of them produce narcotic drugs. The park is literally crammed with warning signs, and visitors can walk along the paths only under the watchful eye of the guides.

Garden of Space Speculations, Scotland

This park embodies the wildest fantasies of designer Charles Jenks, being a visual advertisement of his talents right on the territory of his own home in Scotland. Futuristic plots, created by fusing science and natural forms into unique forms and installations, are designed to make visitors think for a second about the nature of things. This unique place opens its doors to visitors only once a year. All income from visits goes to cancer centers, in memory of the late wife of the landscape architect who created this unearthly beauty.

Villa Lante Gardens, Italy

They are an example of a park from the time of mannerism. Located in the vicinity of Viterbo, they are famous, first of all, for their bronze statues in the fountains, as well as the fountain fountains, which were a fashionable curiosity for wealthy people of that time. In addition to the obvious beauty that is pleasing to the eye, this unique place hides the deepest symbolic meaning. The project provided for the water to move by gravity from the fountain (symbolizes the source of life) to the pond (symbolizes the sea of ​​death), where boats await all visitors, ready to transport them to the “kingdom of the dead” along the Styx River.

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Villa Lante Gardens, Italy
Villa Lante Gardens, Italy

Rikugien, Japan

Rikugien was founded at the beginning of the 18th century. The name is translated from Japanese as “park of 6 types of poetry.” This Tokyo park recreates 88 landscapes representing iconic places in China and Japan associated with historical events. The centerpiece of the Rikugien is a cozy pond with islets and forested areas with over 500 varieties of trees.

Garden of Marquessac, France

This amazing garden was founded about 3 centuries ago, it encircles an ancient castle in the province of Dordogne and is included in the list of outstanding squares in France. With an area of ​​only 22 hectares, Marquessac was considered one of the most romantic squares of the 19th century. The territory is equipped with more than 6 km. cozy walkways in the shade of trees, including the main 100-meter walkway for horseback riding. All plants are sheared in the form of geometric compositions, which together form intricate living labyrinths. The rounded, streamlined forms of the sheared boxwood are in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscapes, but, at the same time, do not merge with them, but dominate the valley with cliffs. That is why the park is also called “Hanging Gardens”. Maintaining the ideal shape of the plants requires very scrupulous and careful maintenance, but the castle caretakers are successful in this task.

Nong Nooch, Thailand

The area of Nong Nooch is more than 200 hectares, which were originally conceived as fruit fields. However, then the owners decided to plant the area with tropical flora, and the result was a pleasant surprise. The territory is divided into thematic areas. A unique distinguishing feature of the park is Butterfly Hill, where plants are planted to attract these beautiful insects. It also houses an impressive collection of cacti, succulents, orchids, bromeliads and cycads.

Ryoanji Temple Stones, Japan

Founded at the beginning of the 16th century by the master Soami. Ryoanji’s dimensions are very modest: only 10×30 m. The site is covered with snow-white gravel, on which 15 stones of black color and natural shape are laid out. All stones are divided into 5 sections, each of which is bordered with live moss. The uniqueness of this place lies in the fact that the visitor will never see all 15 boulders from the ground, and 1 of them will always be hidden.

Arctic Botanical Garden, Norway

The uniqueness of this place lies in its location, which is equally comfortable for both arctic and alpine flora. It contains more than 20 collections of plants from all over the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth.

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Arctic Botanical Garden, Norway
Arctic Botanical Garden, Norway
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