Who Should the Next Bachelor Be? Rachel and Bryan Make Their Pick

Who Should the Next Bachelor Be? Rachel and Bryan Make Their Pick

Now that "Who will Rachel choose?" has been answered, it's time to focus our full attention on the next big question: Who will be the next Bachelor? 

While Rachel's runner-up Peter Kraus has been one of the favorites all season, he's got some serious competition among some of his fellow season 13 contestants for the job. Plus, Peter's got that whole issue with proposing to someone after just a few weeks of knowing them, which even Rachel believes might mean this is not the ideal world for him to be in. 

"I complimented Peter in the fact that he is able to stay true to himself," she told E! News' Zuri Hall to clarify the comments she made during Monday's finale about how the Bachelor format might not be right for Peter. "He's doing it on his own pace, and that's great. When I talked about that, I was basically saying you can't do that--I mean, you can stay at your own pace, but you've got to take a leap of faith and let yourself go." 

But Rachel and Bryan do have a guy in mind who would be good at being the Bachelor. 

"Alex!" Bryan revealed. "He's a very smart guy, good-looking. I think he would make the most interesting season. He's got that quirky personality." 

Watch the video above to find out who some other season 13 contestants are rooting for, then scroll for our thoughts! 

The Bachelor will return in January on ABC.