Meet the New Cast of 13 Reasons Why Season 2

Meet the New Cast of 13 Reasons Why Season 2

13 Reasons Why is getting some new faces for season two.

According to Variety, the Netflix series will have seven new faces, most in the form of students, for the second season now in production. Request for comment was not immediately returned by Netflix.

Anne Winters, Bryce Cass, Chelsea Alden, Allison Miller, Samantha LoganKelli O'Hara, and Ben Lawson will all appear in some capacity of the new season. The first season charted the story of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), a student who killed herself and then left the reasons why she took her own life on 13 cassette tapes that were passed around to other students and eventually teachers and her parents.

Tyrant veteran Winters will play Chloe, the new head cheerleader at Liberty High, Cass will play Cyrus, a champion of the downtrodden, and Alden, who appeared in Veep and American Horror Story: Roanoke, is Mackenize, Cyrus' sister. Meanwhile, Logan whose other credits include Teen Wolf, will play track star Nina. She also has a secret. It is 13 Reasons Why, after all.

O'Hara, a Broadway veteran who recently appeared on The Good Fight, will play Jackie an advocate for victims of bullying. Miller plays Sonya, a litigator, and Lawson will play Rick, the baseball coach at Liberty.

Not much is known about 13 Reasons Why yet, but Langford's Hannah Baker will still be present (even though the character is dead).

"What I can tell you is certainly one question I got a lot is, 'Well how can there be a season two when the story is over?'" executive producer Brian Yorkey said during a Q& event. "I'm like, ‘What story is over?' And people are like 'Hannah's,' and I'm like, well no, Hannah told her version of the events but there are at least 12 kids that have another version of those events that we haven't really heard from yet, so I think there's quite a bit more of Hannah's story to tell."

The series also stars Dylan Minnette, Kate Walsh, Christian Navarro, Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn, Justin Prentice, Miles Heizer, Ross Butler, Devin Druid, Amy Hargreaves, Derek Luke, Michele Selene Ang, Brian d'Arcy James, Tommy Dorfman, Ajiona Alexus and Sosie Bacon.

Season one ended with Hannah's parents getting the tapes, Bryce's sexual assault on Hannah confirmed and Alex shot with Tyler amassing an arsenal of weapons.

No premiere date for season two of 13 Reasons Why was announced.