RHONY: Ramona Singer Teases Her "Butt-Naked" Make-Up Session With Bethenny Frankel

RHONY: Ramona Singer Teases Her "Butt-Naked" Make-Up Session With Bethenny Frankel

It has not been an easy season for Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer.

Ever since Ramona made the misstep at the onset of The Real Housewives of New York City's ninth season and questioned Bethenny over whether her daughter Brynn was aware of her risque acting past, the two frenemies has been feuding like we've never seen them feud before. The season has seen the pair blow up on one another on a near-weekly basis, with each new argument making a reconciliation less and less likely. Or so it would seem.

But as Ramona told E! News, a détente might be just around the corner.

"We're a group of great girls, we're each very strong in our own ways and Bethenny, you'll see in this coming episode, we do make up. We make up when she's butt-assed naked. She was completely naked," she told us over the weekend at Jill Zarin's 5th Annual Luxury Luncheon benefiting thyroid cancer research. "But it was a really great heart to heart conversation. Listen, I admit I'm not the easiest person, Bethenny's not the easiest person, we butt heads but I really wish the best for her, my intention was never to upset her, but I did and it took her a while to forgive me and okay, everyones different."

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Looking ahead to the season's reunion special, Ramona admitted that, though it did get tense at times, the gathering was a bit lighter than seasons past. "The best part is we all walked away on friendly terms," she added. "Last reunion, there was so much tension and everyone walked away not in a great place with each other. This reunion, we all walked away happy for each other and wishing each other well."

That said, as always, she still had some explaining to do. "I had to own my behavior in Mexico. I admit it gets a little old, Sonja and I wanting the best room. I realize I looked like a total jerk but I have to own it. What can I say, I'm not perfect but I own it," she said. "The reunion got crazy at some points but I think the viewers are going to love it because there is a lot of laughter too. You cannot make up this stuff."

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