Rob Lowe Promises Not Even the Scariest Parts Are Staged in Family Ghost Hunting Series The Lowe Files

Rob Lowe Promises Not Even the Scariest Parts Are Staged in Family Ghost Hunting Series The Lowe Files

Rob Lowe: Actor, Father, Ghost Hunter. 

That's the general gist of Lowe's new A&E series The Lowe Files, which follows the star and his two sons, John Owen and Matthew, as they road trip around the U.S., visiting haunted houses and hunting down ghosts. 

"The concept of the show is that we go on these adventures and, you know, sometimes we're going to find stuff and sometimes we don't, because nothing is staged," Lowe tells E! News in the video above. "Absolutely everything on the show is just that we're there with cameras and whatever happens happens." 

It's kind of like The X-Files meets Supernatural meets real life, plus the hair and genes of one of TV's handsomest men—and that addition is truly saying something, since neither The X-Files nor Supernatural are lacking in the handsome man department. 

Anyway, The Lowe Files is also an opportunity to get to know Rob Lowe and his relationship with his two sons, which seems to be rather unique, regardless of Lowe's celebrity status. The trio has learned a lot about each other during their time on the road, like that John Owen loves his Yeezys even when they're not the most appropriate shoe, and that Rob is not the guy you want next to you in a fight or flight situation.

"One big thing we learned that we've talked about since is that in the proximity of danger, he's not really the person you want to be next to," John Owen said. "To give you a proper example, we were in a very tense moment in the season finale, incredibly tense and terrifying, and his instinct was to just drop on the floor and get flat and be like, 'get down!'" 

"Can I just say, this fight or flight thing, there should be a third option," Lowe protested. "Fight, or flight, or freeze. I didn't fight, and I didn't flight, I froze."

For more from the Lowes—including a tale about Charlie Sheen's theory that the moon is hollow, and plans for season two—be sure to watch the video above! 

The Lowe Files premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on A&E