Bayous, Volcanoes and Badlands: Ranking The Bachelor's Two-on-One Dates

Bayous, Volcanoes and Badlands: Ranking The Bachelor's Two-on-One Dates

And the winner of the swamp showdown was...

The Bachelor sent Nick Viall into the bayou for his "dreaded" two-on-one date with house enemies Corinne and Taylor last night, and everyone, from the other contestants, the psychic providing the women with voodoo dolls of each other, the swamp alligators, were dying to see who would be sent packing when the battled the mental health counselor.

By the end of the trio's time together, Nick gave his rose to Corinne, sending Taylor home...or so we thought. One villain down, one more to go? Time will tell. 

In honor of last night's showdown, we ranked where Corinne and Taylor's date lands among the franchise's most memorable two-on-ones...

9. Ben vs. Michael in Bavaria: Who and who? Exactly. (Sorry, Desiree Hartsock! At least you found love?)

8. Tierra vs. Jackie in Montana: Though the villain of Sean Lowe's season, Tierra, was on the date, it was a surprisingly low-key outing, despite Jackie warning Sean about her competitor. After opening up about her previous relationship with an addict, Tierra and her uncontrollable eyebrow snagged the rose. 

7. Derek vs. Chase in the ballroom: This date was truly unnecessary, as it was the second two-on-one of the season and in no way could match the drama and entertainment of Chad and Alex's showdown earlier in JoJo Fletcher's season.

6. JJ vs. Joe in the Irish countryside: Another bit of a snoozer, as it was clear neither guy was going to be a real contender toward the end of the season. Still, we were surprised to see JJ come clean about cheating on his wife in the date…and not surprised when Kaitlyn Bristowe give the rose to Joe instead. Plus, their date was overshadowed by Cupcake Chris' one-on-one in the same episode, during which Kaitlyn dumped him on the Cliffs of Moher, and a production assistant legit look concerned that Chris was about to fling himself off the cliff as he cried into his scarf. 

5. Olivia vs. a Ferguson Twin: It was kind of like rooting for either the flu or a stomach virus in Ben Higgins' season, as Olivia came on way too strong and we still don't even know which twin went on the date…and got the rose.

4. Kasey vs. Justin on the Eyjafjallajökull volcano: This date got major bonus points for leaving Kasey on a volcano (that erupted DAYS later), just after he revealed the tattoo he got in Ali Fedotowsky's honor. Truly, it is one of the most underrated moments of the series.

3. Corinne vs. Taylor in the swamp: Sadly, this date was just a victim of too much hype, with all of the promos teasing the villain showdown...which ended up being a bit of a letdown. Corinne received the rose from Nick, after asking the psychic how to make a voodoo doll (!) and bickering with Taylor over emotional intelligence and bullying. Typical date fodder. BUT THEN Taylor decided to partake in a voodoo cleansing ritual (We think?) and track down Nick and Corinne so he could hear her truth...just as "To Be Continued" appeared on the screen.

2. Chad vs. Alex in the Pennsylvania wilderness: We hope the P.A. who decided to give Chad an ax while giving Alex a sad excuse for a stick on their hike got a raise, as it perfectly captured the difference between the two men, who were like the Canal St. knock-off version of David and Goliath. Still, Alex, a former marine, ended up defeating the Chad bear, the season's villain who enjoyed eating raw sweet potatoes, drinking protein shakes, getting violent with the other men and saying weird crap, like "Life ain't all blueberries and paper airplanes." (But Taylor seemed to take a move out of Chad's playbook, as he hiked his way back to the cabin for one final confrontation with the men.)

1. Ashley I. vs. Kelsey in the Badlands: Come on, this date was ICONIC and truly redefined the two-on-one date. After a truly epic verbal sparring match when Chris Soules basically told Kelsey, the woman who just "loved" her "amazing" backstory (her husband died), EVERYTHING Ashley I. (referred to as the virgin Kardashian throughout the season), Prince Farming sent both women home. As he flew away in a helicopter, we were treated to aerial shots of Ashley I. sobbing and Kelsey stewing in in the middle of the South Dakota Badlands. After the episode aired, Chris Harrison sat down with Kelsey ahead of the Women Tell All special, a first for the franchise, while Ashley I. appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. To paraphrase Kelsey, they know what they did. 

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