Ezra Bloom's Life Is About to Go From Bad to Worse in This Imposters Sneak Peek

Ezra Bloom's Life Is About to Go From Bad to Worse in This Imposters Sneak Peek

You might think that things couldn't get much worse after finding out that your wife isn't at all the person you thought she was, she's left you and that she's cleared out your life savings in one fell swoop. But poor Ezra Bloom is about to have his world rocked even further.

In this sneak peek at the series premiere of Bravo's newest scripted series Imposters, exclusive to E! News, a knock on the door will make clear to a despondent and suicidal Ezra (Rob Heaps) that he's not even Ava's (Inbar Lavi) only mark. 

"Who are you?" he asks the shifty FBI agent pinning him to the floor (Parker Young), after it's clear the man knows much more about Ava—or whoever she is—than he should.

"I'm her husband," he growls back. Do we smell a take-down team-up? We think we do. Ava better watch out.

Imposters follows Maddie (aka Ava), a persona shifting con-artist who leaves her unwitting victims as down and out as Ezra in the clip above once they learn that she's used them and taken them for all they're worth. Things get complicated when Ezra, Richard (Parker) and Jules (Marianne Rendon) begin working together to track her down. Also complicating things? Patrick (Stephen Bishop), the potential love interest Maddie meets, threatening to derail her latest assignment, much to the chagrin of her mysterious boss, The Doctor.

The series also stars Brian Benben and Katherine LaNasa.

Imposters premieres Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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