All the Shows That Have Been Renewed in 2017 So Far

All the Shows That Have Been Renewed in 2017 So Far

The year may be young, but that hasn't stopped the network heads from making some big moves when it comes to their 2017 fall line-ups!

In the last few weeks, four of the big five have already begun handing out renewals to some of their biggest shows (or in the case of the CW, nearly all their shows), with the latest coming from the good folks at ABC. The Alphabet net announced that its first renewal of the season would go to none other than solid comedy stalwart The Middle.

Currently in its eighth season, the charming Patricia Heaton-starring family comedy had consistently delivered for the network, helping them successfully launch a second night of comedy programming this season on Tuesdays. The renewal is such a no-brainer that even Sue Heck would've been able to see it coming.

Because we know how hard it can be to keep track of which of your favorite shows are returning and which will soon be fading to black, we at the E! TV Scoop team have created a new gallery to keep all the news in one place. Click through to see which shows are already safe and be sure to bookmark the page as we'll be updating it frequently, now that renew and cancel season is finally upon us!

Are you stoked about another season of The Middle? Worried that your fave hasn't gotten any good news yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below!