Jerry O'Connell Weighs In on Live! With Kelly Co-Host Decision: ''Let Them Take Their Time''

Jerry O'Connell Weighs In on Live! With Kelly Co-Host Decision: ''Let Them Take Their Time''

Jerry O'Connell isn't in any rush to make his co-host seat on Live! With Kelly permanent.

The celeb recently caught up with E! News about ABC's decision to choose Michael Strahan's replacement for the popular daytime talk show opposite Kelly Ripa, and from the looks of it, we're going to have to wait a bit longer. 

"I'm obviously not a boss over there, but I can say from everything that I've heard that they're not ready to make any sort of decision on a co-host on Live! With Kelly yet," he exclusively revealed to us. "And you know what? Let them take their time."

Jerry explained, "Kelly's fine by herself. Kelly does a great job. I watch every day and Kelly's great."

But when he's not watching from home, Jerry is just as happy to fill in as Live!'s very own "substitute teacher."

O'Connell joked, "Kelly calls me when somebody backs out. If there is some sort of emergency Real Housewives situation that [Andy Cohen] has to fly off to, that's when they call me. I'm like the substitute teacher."

He went on, "If Anderson Cooper has to fly to the Middle East because there's some crisis, that's when they call me up," before adding, "I love [Kelly.] I love that whole show. I'm proud to say I'm their substitute."

One of Jerry's many gigs that isn't temporary for the moment? Hosting the AKC National Championship presented by Royal Canin, of course! O'Connell gushed about the annual dog show, telling us the role was a perfect fit for an animal lover such as himself... even if he considered himself unqualified for the job.

"I know nothing about dog shows or showing dogs or breeding or anything like that," Jerry recalled telling the AKC. But lucky for the celeb, Jerry's passion for his own pooches sealed the deal. 

"My wife and I have three dogs and I post about them way more than I post about my kids," he teased, later calling the event a "real blast." He continued, "These dogs are just special... and hopefully I bring a little levity to the situation."

For more from Jerry, watch the rest of our interview above, and don't miss the AKC National Championship presented by Royal Canin when it airs Monday, Jan. 23 on the Hallmark Channel.