Summer House Stars Preview a Stormy Season Full of Hook-Ups and...Ambulances?!

Summer House Stars Preview a Stormy Season Full of Hook-Ups and...Ambulances?!

What happens when nine friends pick to vacation together in a house on the weekends while not at work and have their lives taped? You guessed it: They stop being polite and start getting real.

At least, that's the impression that week one of Summer House, Bravo's newest obsession-worthy reality series, gave us when it debuted last week. And that's what series stars Kyle Cooke and twins Lauren and Ashley Wirkus are also telling E! News.

"You put nine people in a house, right, I don't care who you are, if you're one big happy family. Nine people in a house for three months, every weekend," Lauren admitted. "It's only bound that something's going to erupt."

"We all genuinely are friends though, so there's a lot of history. And with history and a lot of new dynamics, you're going to see that we definitely love hard, but we all can fight very hard," Ashley teased. "And there's a lot of interesting things this summer that were firsts."

"You're gonna see new romance, you're gonna see new hook-ups, you're gonna see old ones," she continued. "You're gonna see friendships that have been existing for years that have been truly tested. You're gonna see ambulances. You're gonna see it all!"

One thing you're not going to see if anything that warrants the early comparisons to that other reality series featuring friends living together in a beach town, Jersey Shore. While Summer House does follow nine friends who share a vacation home in Montauk, the stars stress that that's where the similarities abruptly end. 

"I mean, none of us are slinging t-shirts at the boardwalk shop," Lauren said, dismissing the comparison. 

"We all knew each other, we're older. I don't know if we're more mature, but…" Kyle added. "I mean, it's a completely different show."

Summer House follows Kyle, Lauren and Ashley, along with their friends Carl Radke, Everett Weston, Lindsay Hubbard, Cristina Gibson, Stephen McGee and Jaclyn Shuman, between the weekends of Memorial Day and Labor Day as they work hard in NYC during the week and hit the beach to let loose on those precious days in between.

For more from Kyle and the twins, be sure to check out the video above.

Summer House airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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