The 100 Faces a Fiery New Danger in the Stunning Season 4 Poster

The 100 Faces a Fiery New Danger in the Stunning Season 4 Poster

Forget Clarke and her friends—will we survive the fourth season of The 100

First, that epic trailer told us death was inevitable, and now we have the season four key art, exclusive to E! News, that shows the gang defiantly facing a fiery explosion on the horizon. 

Thanks to Alie's warning at the end of season three, we know that in six months, the earth is about to become 96% uninhabitable due to radiation. Clarke chose not to let the human race only exist in Alie's fantasy world, so the sky people and grounders alike will face black rain, a lack of drinkable water, and pre-cancerous lesions, along with what looks like a whole bunch of violent disagreements with each other (as usual). 

While we're still figuring out how exactly a bunch of badass teenagers are supposed to fight off the meltdown of earth's nuclear reactors, we're sure The 100 has got some serious twists up its sleeve. 

Of course, it helps to have a leader like Clarke, who gives a pretty rousing speech in the trailer. "If we stick together, we won't just survive, we'll thrive," she tells the gang. Too bad it seems like she'll face some resistance from within, as both Monty (Christopher Larkin) and Murphy (Richard Harmon) are questioning her leadership, while Roan (new series regular Zach McGowan) may be making his move to rule. 

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The 100 returns Wednesday, February 1 at 9 p.m. on the CW.