Jennifer Aniston Wants to Return to TV: "That's Where the Quality Is"

Jennifer Aniston Wants to Return to TV: "That's Where the Quality Is"

Jennifer Aniston feels at home on the small screen.

While she won't be organizing a Friends reunion á la NBC's Will & Grace reboot, the 47-year-old actress hopes to son star in a new TV series. "I've thought about it a lot. That's where the work is. That's where the quality is," she tells Variety. "At this point in my career, I want to be part of wonderful stories, exciting characters, and also just having a good time."

Aniston, who last appeared in a 2010 episode of Courteney Cox's sitcom Cougar Town, adds, "When you're in your 20s, going away from home was an adventure. Meeting new people—seeing other parts of the country or world—was so exciting. Now it's really about wanting to stay closer to home and just enjoying your time. It goes really fast. The experience needs to be a good experience. I have no time for the yelling, angry directors or bad behavior anymore."

The actress isn't opposed to making a television series for streaming platforms, rather than traditional media. "Anywhere would be a wonderful place. Netflix, Amazon—everything you're seeing on television is fantastic," Aniston says. "It's almost like there's not much a difference."

Aniston's husband, Justin Theroux, currently stars in HBO's The Leftovers. In their downtime, she says, they've been "binge-watching The Crown" on Netflix, which won two Golden Globes.

Of course, Amazon and Netflix are also in the film business, and many of the two companies' movies receive theatrical releases. "That's true. It used to be thought of as not as respected if a movie goes day-and-date, but I think it's fantastic," Aniston says. "I'm always going to be a sucker for wanting to go to movie theaters. There's something that makes me sad about that experience becoming less and less, because people are seeing everything right from their television screens. But at the end of the day, when it's just as good—if not better—why not?"

Aniston says she also plans to continue working behind the camera, specifically as a producer. "Oh, I love it. There's something very exciting about being part of a project from the seed of it, and putting it together," she tells Variety. "And you just feel so proud of it on another level."