Meet unREAL's First Female Suitor for Season 3

Meet unREAL's First Female Suitor for Season 3

It's time for some girl power.

unREAL has cast Caitlin Fitzgerald as the first female suitor on Everlasting, The Bachelor-esque show-within-the-show, E! News has confirmed.

Fitzgerald, who knows a thing or two about sex on TV, considering she starred on Showtime's Masters of Sex, will be playing "suitress" Serena, who is determined to have her pick of the eager male suitors and won't be afraid to stand up to Everlasting's bosses Rachel (Shiri Appleby) and Quinn (Constance Zimmer), who are determined-as-ever to shake things up in order to bump up their ratings. 

Production on the third season of unREAL is set to begin in February, with stars Craig Bierko, Josh Kelly, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Genevieve Buchner all set to return as the key members of the Everlasting production team. 

In November, Appleby and Zimmer revealed that season three would introduce the female suitor for the show, with Zimmer saying, "You won't only have two strong female leads, but we're going to add a third one. She then joked to Appleby, "I wonder how many of the 25 men you get together with and Quinn will get together with."

Season one of the Lifetime hit series starred Freddie Stroma as the eligible Bachelor, while season two introduced B.J. Britt as Darius, Everlasting's first African-American suitor. 

TVLine first reported the news of Fitzgerald's casting. 

unREAL will return for its third season later in 2017 on Lifetime.