Baskets Season 2 Will Feature Even More of Emmy-Winning Secret Weapon Louie Anderson

Baskets Season 2 Will Feature Even More of Emmy-Winning Secret Weapon Louie Anderson

When Baskets returns for season two on FX, expect to see a whole lot more of Christine Baskets.

The move to feature more of Louie Anderson's delightful portrayal of a very particular mother comes as no surprise, given the comic's surprising (but not undeserved) Supporting Actor Emmy win in September. With all that critical love, it's a no-brainer. It may still be Zach Galifianakis' face on the posters, but the show is becoming just as much Christine's story as it is her son Chip's.

"Season two is a very intense one huge story.Chip starts out on the road. He's a hobo out on the train and some bad stuff happens to him and his mother has to come clean up the pieces," executive producer Jonathan Krisel told E! News while promoting the show during the 2017 Winter TCA Press Tour, adding that Christine will soon start putting herself ahead of her unaffectionate sons. "Once she's back at home, she's trying to figure out can she try to have something crazy happen in her life."

While both Krisel and Anderson were mum on the details, the network's press materials for the new season promise that Christine will find romance this season. "Christine is gonna twirl this season, so keep your eyes peeled. Because when she twirls, you could hurl," Anderson teased, laughing. "That's a good joke."

And before you go thinking Anderson's Emmy win has gone to his head, Krisel says the changes since receiving the award have only been positive. "I think for Louie, winning the Emmy was awesome, and for all of us, it was very exciting, but I think it just made him double down and work harder because he realized this is such a cool role, such a cool opportunity," he told us. "I think he was more committed than last season, with that pat on the back from the Emmys that can't hurt."

I'm really humbled by it. I beat—I shouldn't say beat. I mean defeated, crushed, destroyed," Anderson added, laughing. "No. These are people I admire so much...Every one of them is a tremendous comic actor."

For more from Krisel and Anderson, including how the actor continues to use the role to pay homage to his own beloved mother, be sure to check out the videos above.

Baskets returns for season two Thursday, Jan. 19 at 10 p.m. on FX.