Nashville's Juliette Barnes Won't Let a Plane Crash Keep Her Down

Nashville's Juliette Barnes Won't Let a Plane Crash Keep Her Down

"Hell yes."

Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) is determined to walk again on Nashville after her horrific plane crash in the season four finale, and if there's anyone who can start walking "way ahead of schedule," it's Juliette Barnes, y'all.

E! News has your exclusive first look at tonight's episode, aptly titled "Leap of Faith," of the CMT drama, which features Juliette seeking advanced treatment in order to take her first step...but it seems like she is still dealing with the psychological and emotional damage from the crash as well, leading to a full-blown panic attack.

But it doesn't sound like Juliette will give up so easily, as Hayden Panettiere recently told Amazon's Style Code Live, "She's taking this on head first, and she is trying to, come hell or high water. She wants to walk again, and she will. And she is like, I feel like this girl is like the Phoenix. She keeps just like torching herself and going up in flames, and rising from the fire, rising from the ashes."

That's our girl. 

Nashville's move from ABC to CMT has paid off in a major way for its new network, with the second episode of the new season attracting 2.1 million viewers aka CMT's most watched original series telecast ever.

And though its now in its fifth season and on its second network, the stars of Nashville aren't taking their resurrection via CMT for granted. "None of that 'we're so glad to be back' has worn off at all," star Charles Esten recently told E! News. "We've always been real grateful for this show. Having lost it for a quick bit, now that we've got it back and we're on CMT we all know how special it is and we're enjoying every moment."

Nashville airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on CMT.