Cinnamon Bun, Anyone? 7 Things Kate Middleton's Unique Hat Looks Like

Cinnamon Bun, Anyone? 7 Things Kate Middleton's Unique Hat Looks Like

Brace yourself because your stomach is about to start growling. 

In addition to being a member of the royal family, a mother of two and a powerful fashion icon, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is also an avid fan of the fascinator. She has sported countless unique and colorful headpieces throughout her years at her royal post, though this one may take the cake—literally.

During her most recent appearance at the Annual Garden Party held at the Hillsborough Castle in northern Ireland, the 34-year-old put her latest headpiece on full display. The brunette beauty opted for a cream piece with a swirl in the middle by Lock & Co. to compliment her matching lace coat designed by Day Birger et Mikkelsen. The occasion marked the first time she and her husband, Prince William, had been together in the country as a married couple. 

While the ensemble was nothing short of elegant, the hat was reminiscent of far more flavorable items, including cinnamon rolls, cappuccinos and essentially any item available at your local bakery. 

Here are all of the edible items that popped into our heads when we saw what was on her's. 

We can smell the cinnamon from here. 

She was late to afternoon tea. 

Sprinkles needed stat!

Made a pit stop at Dunkin' Donuts. 

This hat looked like it cost a lot of dough. 

Or was it just a sourdough loaf in the making?

It might be a bit too early in the year for a yule log, but we can't just turn one down. 

The only thing this pudding is missing is some whipped cream. 

Found some! We just need the cherry on top.