Kourtney Kardashian's Outfit Upgrade Costs $3

Kourtney Kardashian's Outfit Upgrade Costs $3

Thanks to Kourtney Kardashian, you can now upgrade any look for next to nothing.

That agonizing feeling of waking up and having "nothing" to wear is all too familiar to some of us. And it's not that you literally have no clothing, it's that everything in your closet feels stale and overused. Nothing feels fresh and, in your mind, there's no room for reinvention...until now. 

Bandanas are no only extremely cheap (you can buy one for $3 on Amazon), but they're also extremely versatile. It's one of the many clever ways Kourtney changes up her look on the reg. Fold yours in half diagonally (once folded, it should look like a triangle) then fold it horizontally in small chunks. Once it's all wrapped up, tie it around your neck like the reality star and voila! Your once-boring outfit of a white tee and jeans gets an instant dose of edge and style.

If you're torn between rocking the bandana or your go-to choker, here are some other style tips.

Tie the bandana around your ponytail, half-up samurai bun or top knot for an instant hair upgrade!

For another hair trick, fold the bandana as you would for wearing it around your neck and rock it hippie-style like Chiara Ferragni

Lastly, tie one around your go-to purse (you know, the one you wear day in and day out) to keep things fresh. It'll look like a whole different bag!